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Introducing ChamberCharge

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ChamberSolutions is pleased to introduce an enhanced partnership with CardConnect, a leading provider of credit card and ACH / check processing services.

CardConnect and ChamberSolutions have created ChamberCharge® a special “member only” program that is guaranteed to reduce the cost of payment processing expenses while improving the level of service and support.

Processing payments and managing a merchant account doesn’t get any easier than CardPointe, CardConnect’s revolutionary payments platform that transforms the way businesses manage transactions.

Just for Chambers of Commerce

Chambers traditionally pay higher processing rates because they do not process a high volume when compared to the overall market. Because of our extensive work with Chambers of Commerce we also know that many incur extra costs for use of a payment gateway such as for credit card transactions. This is especially true when using member management software systems or hosting online stores. Through this exclusive ChamberCharge program, Chambers not only get the lowest rates in the industry but we eliminate the need for a 3rd party so Chambers save money plus increase security by removing these 3rd parties from the scope of the process.

As an added benefit, ChamberCharge, and its lower processing rates, can serve as a means to enhance existing member benefit programs.

Plus, we offer partnering Chambers of Commerce a 10% residual revenue stream!

Payment Processing

The ChamberCharge® Merchant Services Program, powered by CardConnect - a First Data company, makes it easy and affordable to securely accept credit cards, debit cards and other electronic payments.

Why ChamberCharge?

This exclusive program offers best-in-class security while saving an average of 27 percent on processing made possible through ChamberSolutions' negotiated pricing. CardConnect's dedicated team knows member needs and offers several features that simplify payment processing, including:

  • Compliance: 100% PCI and HIPPA Compliant.
  • CardPointe Platform: From customer interactions to transaction reports, CardConnect's complimentary, browser-based transaction management tool is an all-inclusive control center.
  • Real-Time Transaction Management: When using any of CardConnect’s payment acceptance products, members can see all transactions in CardPointe in real-time. They also have the ability to void, capture and refund, even from your mobile device. 
  • Point-to-Point Encryption: Sensitive payment data is instantly encrypted the moment a customer's card is swiped, meaning it never hits or is stored within a local system. With the P2PE plug-and-play terminal, secure every transaction while accepting magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards, as well as NFC payments, with total peace of mind. 
  • Patented Tokenization: Tokenization replaces sensitive payment data with a unique identifier known as a token, which renders cardholder data unreadable and therefore useless to hackers. 
  • Virtual Terminals: Securely accept credit cards and eChecks with a powerful terminal, right from a web browser. 
  • Mobile App: Extend the benefits of the CardPointe platform to a mobile device, which can include hardware to swipe or dip credit cards. 
  • Additional Detailed Features: PCI Compliance Management, Statement Archive, eCheck/ACH Processing, Secure Patient Profiles, Multi-Location Processing, Recurring Billing, QuickBooks Plugin, and Custom Reporting.

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